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Our dream is a world in which everyone can efficiently learn things that they need and are passionate about. Meet IT is a worldwide family of people who help and motivate each other. We believe we can change the world if we take action and keep developing ourselves together.

Our values

  • We teamwork, not compete.
  • We all work on the same goal: a better education for everyone.
  • We don’t teach people; we show them how to discover by themselves.
  • Active learning is more effective than passive.
  • We are curious, ask questions, explore.
  • 1 hour practicing is worth more than 10 hours watching someone else present how the work should be done.

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Walang iwanan
(no one is left behind)

Access to excellent education should be a human right. We do our best to provide financial assistance to everyone who needs it to take part in our activities.

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You can meet and engage with other young people passionate about STEM on our Facebook community group. Let us help you achieve your goals, and join Meet IT Family Online Community!

Online Tutoring
  • Learn mathematics and computer science from top tutors
  • Go through personalized learning programme that fully unleash your potential.
  • Practice essential skills that will lead you to the future success
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses by getting monthly reports
  • Work systematically
  • Meet ambitious peers from your area
  • Become the best and win competitions
  • Understand STEM
  • Make new friends with multinational peers who share the same passion
  • Learn actively on workshops prepared by experienced tutors
  • Get  motivation to self-development that will remain long after the camp ends
  • Escape your daily grind to think about your education and future career

Prepare for the Polish Olympiad in Informatics using source that covers all must-have algorithms and data structures

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