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We organize science camps at which students freely explore topics they love and meet peers with similar interests. Our experience proves that intensive work in a close-knit environment significantly boosts participants’ skills and motivation. We set our hearts on making our camps affordable for everyone because we believe that economic issues should not cut back anyone’s educational opportunities.

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Learning in an environment of motivated peers increases your chances of getting to top universities and companies 12 times

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That 10 days at Meet IT Camp were wonderful! I had lots of fun solving cool tasks. I was in the first group and problems were very interesting for me and even for IOI medalists they were challenging enough (I couldn’t solve one problem on each contest). I think that this camp is the best place for all who just like programming and all who has some achievements in it;)  

Sofiia Melnyk


To me, one of the most important aspects of Meet IT Camps was the given freedom we were given, to ensure that each individual camper could choose what suited them the best. This created an environment in which I learned from a combination of interesting lectures, fun competitions and most importantly, from working, discussing and contemplating everything from programming and mathematics to deep questions about life, together with other campers.


Andreas Alberg


Meet IT Camps – the best STEM camps I could have ever imagined. Olympic activities were challenging and interesting, organised in such a way that one can choose the level they feel comfortable with. The explanations and hints were extremely helpful and I learnt useful algorithms and techniques. There were also lots of cool activities from which you could choose, where I saw wonderful things that I can do in many fields of Computer Science. And last but not least, I will always remember the camp for the wonderful friendships I made and the best, smart, amazing people I met. <3


Valeria Popescu


Being at one of the Meet IT Camps was one of the best experiences that also added one of the greatest impacts in my life. Travelling 6700 km made me believe in my self-reliant. Not only this but also It gave me the opportunity to stand with big people and made a dream inside me, I could be like them one day. I formed a lot of great friends and best moments with them. Their love, supports, friendly behavior can’t be judged with anything. I can never forget efforts of the organizers in getting my VISA. I literally can’t do anything to payback the experience.


Farhan Ahmad


I have been on MeetIT Camp 2 times and I think it was a very well spended time. As I want to study computer science in the future, these trips were especially valuable for me. I could not only learn a lot of things but also get to know  interesting people who share similar interests. The atmosphere was brilliant: there were no restrictive rules, we had time to integrate with other participants and, what’s more, organizators were very helpful and kind. At first the price was a little too high for me but I’ve heard about the financial aid and I decided to apply for it (I only had to show them my household income) and luckily I got it without any problems. These camps were amazing and I recommend to go on one of them to everyone as it is great experience and a lot of unforgettable memories.


Kasia Kloc


Nothing like trying can make you learn. With so many activities Meet IT Camps helped me to get gold medal in the National Informatics Olympiad by giving me the chance to compete against participates from more than 20 countries. Thanks Meet IT for all you did!


Mohamed Sobhy


Attending to this camp was super fun! I got to improve my competetive programming skills and while doing so I got to know other people with the same interests as me from a lot of different contries. The mood was great, and there was room for everyone.


Markus Mathiasen


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Financial assistance

We believe that education should be accessible to everyone regardless of financial circumstances. If you feel that you cannot afford to pay for the camp, we will be happy to provide you with a partial or full financial aid.

Applying for a Visa

If you require a visa to attend one of our camps, we will provide you with a special invitation and support you during the visa application process. 

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