Coding & Maths Training Camp 2020

Become a top-achiever and crash Olympiads.

Join an intermediate or advanced group to crack challenging tasks in mathematics and computer science together with other ambitious problem solvers!

The environment

Coding & Maths Training Camp will take place at 3-13 August in Ukrainian Physics and Mathematics Lyceum (UPML) in Kyiv. The world’s greatest teenage talents will be to preparing for science competitions such as National and International Olympiads in Informatics and Mathematics by solving complex problems together with like-minded friends. 

Besides science activities, we will have a lot of fun getting to know each other and having lots of fun during creative and fun leisure activities.

We seek for students age 15-19 with advanced or intermediate skills in competitive programming or mathematics who are hungry for challenges.

Awesome experiences are waiting for you!

Crash immersive problems with friends

Collect memories you will share with your grandchildren

Work hard and effectively to outrun your rivals

Meet peers who will make you thrive long after the camp ends

Receive support from experienced mentors

Connect with people who share similar interests to yours 

Our methodology

  • We know that ambitious youth needs to face challenges to master skills essential for future career and reaching self-fulfillment. 
  • Our activities are focused on active-learning because it is the only way to gain real skills.
  • We give our alumni the freedom to learn in the pace and way they set by themselves.
  • We understand that the path to excellence is hard. That is why we support every student whenever they need it.

Our team

Coding & Maths Training Camp 2020 is organized by Meet IT Foundation and Kvanta, the Ukrainian organisation that helps students with outstanding maths and computer science skills. Our most qualified mentors will join forces to create an intense, 10-day long experience. 

The organising committee includes ACM ICPC and IOI gold medalists, laureates of many maths and programming competitions, and students from top European universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.


We have prepared diversified activities to allow you to both learn new skills and have fun during the beautiful Ukrainian summer!

Financial assistance

Afraid you cannot afford to attend the camp? No worries: we won’t leave you behind! We will be happy to provide you with financial assistance that can lower the price or even make the camp free of charge. Just like in the case of every other kind of social support, you will be asked to attach a tax return copy as a proof of your need. We will use it only to consider your query and delete it as fast as the application process ends. You can find more details in the application questionnaire. 

Need a visa?

We receive applications from all continents, so we know the ropes! We will provide you with a special invitation and help you go through the visa application process. Inform us if you need our support by sending an email to ukraine2020@meetit.eu.

Notice that you do not need a visa to attend the camp if you are a citizen of the European Union or Ukraine.

Apply to Coding & Math Training Camp 2020!

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