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Register yourself for tutoring, become a part of a self-driven learning network of young programmers and achieve success.

After applying to our program, you will begin your learning process with a study group. You will be introduced to C++ language and basic algorithms. If Computer Science becomes your passion and you demonstrate your engagement, we will assign you to an individual tutor who can adjust the study path to your personal needs and wishes.

The tutors are young programmers, laureates of Polish and international Olympiads in Computer Science. Their goal is to pass their knowledge and skills to you, so that you can develop. Tutors have an individual approach to each and every participant. Both the way of communication and the task level will depend on your own preference, abilities and objectives.

If you already are into Computer Science, become a tutor and share your hobby with others! Do not hesitate to contact us. You have nothing to lose, and you may help somebody, simultaneously developing your soft skills that are crucial in professional life.


Everybody. All you need is to fill the application form.

As soon as we get your application, we will contact you. If you are a beginner, you will start with learning programming in C++ in a small group, guided by one of our tutors. If you succeed and Computer Science grows on you or if you do not need to learn the basics, we will pair you with a tutor. The level, frequency, and method of your work depend on your personal goals, skills, and devotion.

Tutors are young Computer Science enthusiasts who have succeeded in National and International Computer Science Olympiads.

Of course. Our tutoring class is aimed at teaching programming and algorithms from the basics, but we will try our best to help each and every applicant.

Yes. It is available to everybody without any fees.

Absolutely! We aim our materials at the youth, but we are equally glad to get anyone’s interest. If you find them useful, make sure to share our website with your students!

We will be very grateful if you email us at contact@meetit.eu. We try our best to make KompendiX as reliable as possible, but we are only human.

We can give you the satisfaction of your contribution in teaching our participants. As for more tangible benefits, we offer certificates of your volunteering hours which can help you when you apply for scholarships, university or internships. Tutoring can also develop your interpersonal and educational skills, which are very important in the job market.

Of course. We gather funds to cover our functioning as well as look for tutors willing to help. We are grateful for any help we get. Please contact us!

You can message us regardless of the reason through the contact form at the bottom of this website.


August 2017

Start of the project

November 2017

Number of participants reaches 100

February 2018

Three first conferece roads in schools around Western Poland

March 2018

Number of participants reaches 300

April 2018

Conferences in schools in Central Poland

June 2018

Award for the best educational project in Poland according to Social Wolves Association.

September 2018

Getting international

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