Learn Programming and Mathematics with top university students and past Olympiad winners!

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Because we understand that every teen is different, we focus on providing lessons and assessments tailored to our tutees’ individual needs and abilities. We offer online tutorings in mathematics and computer science that help our tutees to reach their current goals as well as succeed in future careers. Our approach enables young, talented minds to fully reach their potential by learning to think independently and creatively.

Do you want to:

Create beautiful mathematical ideas and solve longstanding open-problems?

Work for the highest paying companies like Google, Facebook, and Nvidia?

Compete and succeed in national and international competitions?

Build your own cutting-edge technology like self-driving cars, quantum computers and intelligent machines?

Complete a PhD and become a researcher?

Get to your dream university and meet the best people in your field?

Learn Mathematics, Programming, and Algorithms

Meet IT has a wide selection of tutors, ranging from those who will help you take the first steps in the subject to ones that will supervise your hardcore research projects.

Junior (11-14 years old)
  • Take your first steps in mathematics or programming and algorithms 
  • Explore new fields and find your passion
  • Grow abstract thinking skills and creativity through problem-solving 
  • Find out about new opportunities and build your own projects.
  • Get to top high school
Senior (15-19 years old)
  • Expand your mathematics or programming and algorithms knowledge
  • Gain key skills that will lead you to an excellent carrier in the future
  • Train problem-solving and explore advanced topics
  • Succeed in national and international Olympiads competitions
  • Get to your dream university

Meet our Tutors

Our tutors are students and academics from top institutions, champions of national and international Olympiads and competitions.

Experienced and passionate teachers who will motivate you to learn and help you to grow

Students and academics from top world and national universities including Cambridge, Oxford, University of Warsaw, University of Bucharest

Champions of national and international competitions such as IOI, IMO, ACM ICPC, MEMO, CEOI

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Check if tutoring is for you and schedule an introduction lesson where you will meet your tutor and decide what you will learn together. The first lesson is free and non-binding. Reach the academic coordinator or ask for more details at contact@meetit.eu.

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Why Meet IT tutoring works

Personalized learning

Learning schedule is motivated by your background, expectations and goals. Each student works at their own pace.


Regular meeting with your tutor (we recommend once or twice a week) will help you understand new material and keep you motivated throughout the week.

Friendly relation

You will approach your tutor anytime you want to ask questions and get advice within one day.

Systematic work

Weekly assignments and learning resources will help you keep up with the schedule and improve every week.

Regular feedback

Monthly progress reports reviewed by the Teaching Coordinator will help you control your progress.


You will receive recommendation of camps, competitions and other opportunities.

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